Born For Burning Radio: Antichrist

4th of July, America’s birthday. While you’re at home roasting your weenies and playing with your snakes and sparklers, Antichrist will be bringing their “Killing of America” tour to Los Globos, marking their first ever LA appearance. But this stop will be an extra deadly one, as this will be the only show where they’ll playing along side speed merchants Merciless Death, the always evil Maledict and fresh blood Nightmare round up the bill. This is a fully stacked show, and we expect a packed house so make sure to pick up your ticket online HERE. We leave you with a taste of what to expect, plus a playlist selected by Antichrist themselves.PLAY LOUD, PLAY PROUD. NO WIMPS. BORN FOR BURNING PRESENTS: ANTICHRIST

“This here is a schizoid list of great music from us to all Los Angeles maniacs. Stay sick and see you on Independence Day!” – Antichrist


Born For Burning Radio: Sadistic Intent

Death is coming


The day of reckoning is almost upon us, and to celebrate, Sadistic Intent take over Born For Burning radio with a special handpicked playlist for all you LA maniacs to get your necks warmed up and ready for the death metal slaughter at Union. This show is SOLD OUT, so those of you lucky enough to have copped a ticket can expect total and absolute mayhem. Born For Burning will see you tomorrow, for now enjoy the new track and as always, PLAY LOUD AND PLAY PROUD. NO WIMPS! BORN FOR BURNING PRESENTS; SADISTIC INTENT




Born for Burning Radio: Blood Incantation

Blood Incantation are poised and ready to bring their distinct brand of astral death to LA next month, alongside LA Death metal masters Sadistic Intent, Arizmenda, and Qrixkuor from the UK. (tickets available HERE) To celebrate, they ascend down from the stars and other dimensions to bring you a sample of what their plane of existence sounds like. We warn you, it’s heavy on morbid angel, and we see nothing wrong with that. They leave you with this simple but effect message.

“DEMONS!!!! ATTACK – with HATE!!!!!!”


1. Morbid Angel – Fall From Grace
2. Khan – Driving to Amsterdam
3. Edge of Sanity – On the Other Side
4. Gong – Fohat Digs Holes in Space
5. Emperor – Ensorcelled by Khaos

1. Morbid Angel – Nothing is Not
2. Morbid Angel – Azagthoth
3. Morbid Angel – Chapel of Ghouls
4. Morbid Angel – The Gate/Lord of All Fevers
5. Mo Boma – Myths of the Neat Future Part 1

1. Rotting Christ – Non Serviam
2. Beherit – The Gate of Inanna
3. Morbid Angel – Summoning Redemption
4. Morbid Angel – Desolate Ways
5. Brutality – Sympathy

1. Morbid Angel – Abominations
2. Morbid Angel – Lord of all Fever and Plagues
3. Morbid Angel – Invocation of the Continual One
4. Morbid Angel – Place of Many Deaths
5. Paul Horn – Inside the Great Pyramid


Born For Burning Radio: Mexico

Quick Mexican lesson: Cinco de mayo IS NOT Mexican independence day, Burritos are NOT Mexican food, and Mexico has NO shortage of heavy metal. Mexico’s history and culture is a source of pride, and is too rich and reaches too far back to be able to explain it in a few lines, so we wont trivialize it by trying. Instead, we’ll show you first hand how Mexicans raise the iron fist, no English/ papers needed. PRÉNDANLE DURO Y A VOLUMEN BRUTAL. SIÉNTANSE ORGULLOSOS: ESTO ES EL HEAVY METAL MEXICANO!

Special thanks to Diego of Voltax for the heavy metal expertise


Born For Burning Radio: Women of Steel

Born For Burning has never hidden the fact that we are spearheaded by a woman. We take pride in always pushing ourselves and never being complacent with the status quo, and that includes being told that heavy metal is a mans game. Women have and always will be a heavy force to reckon with, in all walks of life, and heavy metal is no exception. To prove it, we compiled a list of women who give no fucks, spit on posers and rock harder than any of you wimps who disagree with them. So play it and play it proud. BORN FOR BURNING PRESENTS WOMEN OF STEEL

Download Born For Burning: Women of Steel