Born For Burning Radio: Phil Lynott

­32 years ago the world lost Phil Lynott. Luckily  for all of us, he left an extensive and deep catalogue to remind us all just how much better he was at rock n roll than any of us will ever be. It was hard to choose which Thin Lizzy tunes are our favorites (shoutout to “Borderline” / “with love”, if they don’t move something in you, you don’t get it and you never will)  so we put together a short list of b-sides and alternative live versions that need a bit more love.  We’re personally gonna be listening to all things Phil today, and we recommend you do the same.


Born For Burnig presents: Phil Lynott



BFBRadio: Best of 2017

Another year, another beer down. 2017 was a wild ride, filled with lots of mayhem and hard rocking, but we were fortunate enough to have a wave of killer new music to keep our fires burning. We compiled some of our favorite tunes for you, and we encourage you all to go snag a copy, and play it loud as hell. We have our sights set on 2018 and promise to keep the flame burning high.


Vulture (GER)- Vendetta
Condor  (NO)- You Can’t Escape the Fire
Rapid  (FIN)- Ancient Force
Power Trip (US)- Waiting Around To Die
Antichrist  (SWE)- The Black Pharaoh
Devil Master (US) – Blood on my shroud
Impalers (US) – Nazi Burning Man
Malokarpatan (SK) – V okresném rybníku hastrman už po stáročá vyčína
One Tail One Head (NO) – Firebirds
Void Eater (NO) – Glyph
Possession (BE) – Beast Of Prey
Spectral Voice (US)- Thresholds Beyond
Venenum (GER)  – The Nature Of The Ground
Midnight Rider (GER) – When I Spew My Hate
HÄLLAS (SWE) – Star rider
Mirage (NO) – Erasure
Missles  (SWE) – Obsolete Sons
Maggot Heart (SWE) – City Girls
Nightmare (US) – Nightmare


Born for Burning Radio: Nunslaughter

We are 10 days away from Burning Black Heavy Metal Market that Black Mass records and Born for Burning have been working to bring you. There will be several vendors to help you put a dent in your heavy metal want list, Dj’s spinning records and plenty of drink specials to keep you going. Nunslaughter will also be performing live, and as custom they put together some tracks for our radio to prepare you ahead of their performance. Tune in, play loud and raise hell. We’ll see your maniacs next week. BORN FOR BURNING RADIO PRESENTS: NUNSLAUGHTER

DON OF THE DEAD – “GREETINGS Metal fiends…. In the selection you will find the metal music that speaks to my heart. These are fucking demos! Most are poorly recorded and some are poorly played but lets not forget THIS IS METAL. Demos are what made this music scene and these demos are still being listened to because they are gold.”


Wreckage – Envy the Dead
Semen Of Satan – Harder Faster
Toximia – Warhorse
The Kill – Killed or be Killed
Sick from Hate – Necromantical Sacrifice
Ritual – Zombie Night
Onslaught – fight for the earth
Oblivion – Mind Oblivion
Necromancer – Necromancer
Misfit – The Calling
Mantas – Mantas
Malfeitor – Dark Funeral
Karrion – Free in Death
Hatred – Crucified Christ
Glacier – Ready For Battle
Frigid Bich – jack the ripper
Executioner – Genocide
Doomwatch – Maybe It’d Be Better


Born For Burning Radio: Crimson Tide

Crimson Tide Productions has been punishing the underground in Barcelona, Spain for close to a year now, and to celebrate they take over this edition of Born For Burning radio. Born for Burning is a product of determination and passion and we will always support those who take the scene into their own hands and chose to create and contribute to the spreading of the madness. Start your own labels, buy records/tapes, create music, support the underground, never follow trends and always raise hell.

“Crimson Tide piss over scene opportunists. Metal has to be satanic, alcoholic, evil, violent and furious. Fuck metal babes. Fuck hipsters. Fuck “hippie-metal” (70’s are over, cunts). Fuck posh people –  we hate you. In the name of metal, beat that poser down!

No posers, no trendies, just alcoholic warriors of evil!!!!!



J. SS list:
#1 – vomitor – midnight madness
#2 – miserycore – milicia de rabia
#3 – blizzard – metal is violence
#4 – exodus – a lesson in violence
#5 – destruction – bestial invasion
#6 – blasphemy – darkness prevails
#7 – slayer – evil has no boundaries
#8 – vomitor – metal or die
#9 – gehennah – beat that poser down
#10 – violent force – sign of evil

G. Bloodlust list:
#1 Thin Lizzy – We will be strong
#2 Kreator – Son of Evil
#3 Acero Letal – Un pacto eternal
#4 Vomitor – Saga of the Rage
#5 Deathhammer – Fullmoon sorcery
#6 Voivod – Fuck off and die
#7 Beherit – Werewolf, semen and blood
#8 Blasphemy – Blasphemous Attack
#9 Muro – Mata
#10 EVO – Rock and roll Barcelona


Born For Burning Radio: Crematory Stench

Born for Burning has been keeping quiet lately, but we never fucking relax!!! We have been working overtime to ensure you total and absolute death to wrap up your 2017 and continue the mayhem well into 2018. First up, we bring you speed metal warriors Execution and Autopsy-cult worshippers Crematory Stench to The Echo on Novemeber 28th. THIS SHOW WILL BE FREE BEFORE 10PM – so make sure you show up early. Tickets will be $8 after, and are available for guaranteed entrance HERE

Crematory Stench put together an extremely heavy playlist with an emphasis on all things disgusting and death. Guaranteed to wake the dead. To be played at your empty funeral, EXTRA FUCKING LOUD


We’ll see you maniacs soon…