Born For Burning Radio: Mammoth Grinder

Hot on the heels of their latest 2018 release “Cosmic Crypt”, Mammoth Grinder bring their distinct brand of Death Metal to the Resident this Friday. They take over Born For Burning Radio, and shine some light on influences which have shaped their sound. Chris Ulsh: “Here’s some of my favorite songs from around the time we were trying to figure out what we wanted the band to sound like – a good mix of death metal riffing with the urgency of punks heavier moments.” We have to agree that sentiment is backed up by hard and heavy evidence. Play loud as hell, and we’ll see you maniacs soon.



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Lip Cream – Shangri-La
Grave – Brutally Deceased
Bone Awl – I Have Never Met Him
Insect Warfare – Hurricane Death
Hatred Surge – Invisible Noose
State of Fear – State of Fear
Shitlickers – Armed Revolution
GISM – Death Exclamations
Extortion – Isolation
Morbid Saint – Beyond the Gates of Hell
Pungent Stench – Bonesawer
Infernoh – Inferno
Deathreat – Why I Grew Up Hating Russians
Zouo – Sons of Satan
Doom – Nazi Die
Repulsion – Maggots In Your Coffin
Framtid – Life’s Hard
Master – The Truth
Disclose – Future Extinction
Deviated Instinct – Open Wound
Von – Satanic Blood
Carnage – The Day Man Lost
MG-15 – Caos Final

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