Born For Burning Radio: Power Trip


Born for Burning Radio: Power Trip

Power Trip’s 2017 release “Nightmare Logic” (available here) has received heavy rotation here at Born For Burning along with their previous releases. It’s the perfect soundtrack for some of our favorite activities – drinking, lifting, raging and over all general sinning. We liked it so much in fact, that we asked Power Trip to take over BFB radio. They obliged, and put together an absolute rager of a playlist, highlighting some their musical influences. Chris Ulsh on PT’s picks: “This is mostly favorite songs of mine that have something about the drumming or arranging that I really like. The second half is stuff that has influenced the band a lot and Blake’s riffing” There you have it, here’s the key to Power Trip’s formula. LA ‘heads! Don’t miss these guys October 7th with Exodus and Obituary and November 13th with Cannibal Corpse .

Play it loud, and often, and hope that one day your poison cover band will be able to put out an album half as good as Nightmare Logic. BORN FOR BURNING RADIO PRESENTS: POWER TRIP

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