Voltz - Knight's Fall


Voltz “Knight’s Fall” Album Review

Voltz existed on the crusty fringe of the NWOBHM. The band were not particularly heavy, and didn’t shy away from progressive elements or less-than-metal moments. Voltz one and only album, Knight’s Fall, was released on Airship Records.

With Knight’s Fall, the production is low budget, the drums are polite, and the guitars are thinner than a hobo’s wallet. You could probably say that Voltz were either fiercely independent or they didn’t have a god-damn clue. Whatever the case may be, Knight’s Fall is an entertaining listen, and another unique entry into the NWOBHM canon. My favorite track is the emotive ballad In A Dream. A sublime lost gem? Almost. My score: B-

Source Review: https://playitloudforever.wordpress.com/2011/12/18/album-reviews-1982/