Born For Burning Radio: Paolo Girardi

Paolo Girardi takes over Born for Burning Radio

Born for Burning Radio: Paolo Girardi



On this edition of Born For Burning Radio, Master painter, freestyle wrestler and overall top Alpha Male Paolo “Madman” Girardi takes over and shares his playlist of tunes that get heavy rotation in his studio while working on his craft. Pay attention and takes notes wimps, this is how its done.

Paolo Girardi : This could be my “well-known bands” playlist while painting

Born For Burning: Great list. Manilla Road has had a huge role in your life, correct? I’ve seen paintings you’ve done of Mark.There’s A lot of Manowar in this list as well.

PG: Yes Manowar are my religion. Old Manilla are pure art

BFB: Uaschitschun is top RW song for me, so we have that in common

PG: Yes I love that song a lot, lyrics too. I grew up with those RW albums.

BFB: Always a good reminder, “men cannot eat money.” There are more important things in life

PG: Wild and Free is also rock or metal essence.

BFB: Of course. Fuck the rules, and fuck society

PG: I haven’t put obscure bands songs for some reasons

BFB: would you like to revise the list? or you can always add some

PG: No. I love big names first. They wrote history. Some bands of my playlist are not that big, but those songs are always good to listen to in a playlist in my opinion.

BFB: Any last words you’d like to include? Any words for people who don’t like Manowar?

PG: Well all those who like Manowar are colder empty people, in general. Manowar are blood and religion. They saved my life lots of times many years ago, when no one was by my side, when I really used to “walk alone alone against the wind”


Paolo Girardi Playlist:

Manilla Road – Necropolis
Manowar – Fast Taker
Uriah Heep – Gypsy
Running wild -Black Demon
Manowar – Mountains
Kiss -Charisma
Doomfox – Girls like you
Mötley Crüe – Red Hot
W.A.S.P. – Wild Child
Fifth Angel -The Night
Manowar – The Oath
Helloween – Phantoms of Death
Iron Maiden – Phantom of the opera
Circus of Power – War Machine
Judas Priest – You’ve got another thing comin
Manilla Road -Dreams of Eschaton
Molly Hatchet – Saddle Tramp
The Cult – Lil Devil
Dust – Often Shadows Felt
Manilla Road – March Of The Gods
Manowar – Holy war
Running Wild – Uaschitschun
Manowar – Master of the wind

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