Born For Burning Radio: Deathhammer

Just one week shy of the commencement of their “Wrath in the Wicked West” tour, maniacs Deathhammer managed to take a momentary break from their alcohol fueled headbanging and hell raising to school you wimps on what you should be listening to in preparation for their arrival. They make their intentions very clear; TO BANG YOUR HEADS AND RAGE AT BREAK NECK SPEED! Oct 6th in LA, other tour dates available on thier FB page . There will also be a guest DJ set at Frost & Fire fest on Sunday from Sergeant Salsten. ONWARD TO THE PITS!

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Atrocity – Toxic death
Doctor Rock – Metal man
Subway Force – Rainbow fire
Infant Death – Ritual burning
Metal Cross – Crucifying the Virgins

Powerlord – Silent Terror
Damien Thorne – Escape or die
Incubus – Engulfed in Unspeakable Horror
Deaf Dealer – To Hell and Back
Omen – At All Cost

Big balls and the great white idiot – i’m a punk
Dead ends – Look at me
Necrophile – Dissociation
S.O.B. – Leave Me Alone
SØT HÆVN- Asfaltparasitta

Inculter – Death Domain
Voivod – Blower
Gouge – Morbid Curse
Vorum – Current Mouth
Whiplash – The Burning of Atlanta (1985 version)

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