Born for Burning Radio: Nunslaughter


Born for Burning Radio: Nunslaughter

We are 10 days away from Burning Black Heavy Metal Market that Black Mass records and Born for Burning have been working to bring you. There will be several vendors to help you put a dent in your heavy metal want list, Dj’s spinning records and plenty of drink specials to keep you going. Nunslaughter will also be performing live, and as custom they put together some tracks for our radio to prepare you ahead of their performance. Tune in, play loud and raise hell. We’ll see your maniacs next week. BORN FOR BURNING RADIO PRESENTS: NUNSLAUGHTER

DON OF THE DEAD – “GREETINGS Metal fiends…. In the selection you will find the metal music that speaks to my heart. These are fucking demos! Most are poorly recorded and some are poorly played but lets not forget THIS IS METAL. Demos are what made this music scene and these demos are still being listened to because they are gold.”


Wreckage – Envy the Dead
Semen Of Satan – Harder Faster
Toximia – Warhorse
The Kill – Killed or be Killed
Sick from Hate – Necromantical Sacrifice
Ritual – Zombie Night
Onslaught – fight for the earth
Oblivion – Mind Oblivion
Necromancer – Necromancer
Misfit – The Calling
Mantas – Mantas
Malfeitor – Dark Funeral
Karrion – Free in Death
Hatred – Crucified Christ
Glacier – Ready For Battle
Frigid Bich – jack the ripper
Executioner – Genocide
Doomwatch – Maybe It’d Be Better

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